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4 Techniques to Maximize Your Brand Exposure on Google Discover

Google Discover has become a popular tool amongst users who would like to stay updated on everything that interests them, from brands to celebrities. The Discover feed provides more opportunity to drive traffic to your site. If you want to know how you can improve your ranking and perform well in Google Discover, follow these four effective techniques suggested by the digital marketing experts:

Optimize Your Titles:

Some of the top performing content on Google Discover has titles that capture the emotion of the readers. So, the key is to use emotional titles that doesn’t seem like clickbait. It should also be noted that listicles work great on the Discover feed, but make sure that they are concise/short. Long listicles that include as much as 10 items (or more) would receive the lowest number of clicks on Google Discover.

Use Google Search Console for Topic Ideas:

Just in case you didn’t know, Discover data is now accessible on the Search Analytics API in Google Search Console. So, if you have been publishing content for a while, you can use this tool to identify what topics will work with your target audience. With Google Discover API and Google natural language processing, you can view a list of topics alongside their impressions and CTR. When you sort these topics by CTR, you will see which topics are the most popular amongst the readers. This will help improve your Albuquerque SEO.

Follow the E-A-T Guidelines:

Google’s E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google specifically mentions that the content created for the Discover feed will be analyzed to ensure that they align with the E-A-T guidelines. Even though Search and Discover are two different tools, Google does mention that the overall principles for E-A-T are very similar for both when it comes to content.

Ensuring that your content follows E-A-T will let Google know that you are trustworthy and reliable to the users. According to the digital marketing experts, one of the best ways to optimize for E-A-T is modifying your author page. If you are the author, you can include details including your experience in a specific field, your awards and accomplishments, the organizations you have worked with, links to your LinkedIn profile, and more. Never use “written by admin” or “written by staff” in your content.

Other useful techniques that transfer good E-A-T signals include:

• Offering information about the company or publication.
• Including contact details.
• Including social media profiles of the author.
• Securing the site with HTTPS protocol.

Use High Quality Images:

Another important technique that cannot be emphasized enough is the use of high quality images for your content. Make sure the images are at least 1200 pixels wide, else it would appear too small in the Discover feed. It’s been found that clickthrough rates will improve when images are of the right size. 16:9 aspect ratio will be ideal for your images, and avoid using your site logo as the image for your content.

Google Discover is one of the best tools for businesses to improve their digital presence. Contact a reliable SEO company if you have any queries.