Site Structure and its Role in SEO!

A well-defined website structure makes the work of search engine crawling easier. This means improved indexing and high probabilities of achieving higher ranks. The structure of a website is more like that of a house. A solid structure will improve stability, confidence, and usage. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in Google algorithm, mobile first indexing and voice search, the website structure has gained more importance than ever. Though keywords are still important, it is no longer enough to have pages thrown on your website, but they have to be assembled right for the search engines to understand it.

Why is Site Structure a Big Deal?

According to SEO agency Sydney, the structure of your website has a significant impact on the potential search engine success of the sites.

A clear site structure is important for SEO purpose, for some good reasons including:

  • It helps the search engines to understand your contents better
  • An excellent structure will increase your chances of getting site links in Google search
  • A good structure provides for great user experience and lowers bounce rates

What is the Ideal Site Structure?

Before we go into the particulars on how to optimise your website structure let us first help you understand what you want to accomplish.

What is the ultimate structure of a website? The actual structure of a site is related strongly with the type of the content your website offers.

However, an ideal site structure should

  • Provide a great user experience
  • Provide a site with site links optimised for better crawling

How is SEO Related to Site Structure?

According to SEO specialist Sydney, a well-organised website should be instinctive and easy to use. It should provide all users with an explicit portrayal of the organisation and contents. A website with solid structure should guide the user to the information the site host wishes. With a well-optimised site the user traffic will increase!

How to Create a Good Site Structure?

According to SEO experts Sydney, there are some steps to create a site structure that will attract more traffic.

  1. Plan a Hierarchy even Before You Develop Your Website:

If you are starting a site from scratch, you are in a position to plan out the outline for the best SEO achievable. Even before you begin creating your web page, you can plan out the structure. A hierarchy is a way to organise your information.

  1. Create a URL Structure that Shadows You Navigation Hierarchy:

The next major part in developing a strong website structure is the structure of your URL. A URL should have real words and appropriate keyword coverage.

  1. Create a Header That Catalogues Your Main Navigation Pages:

The title you choose should list out your main pages. If your site has footer with links, make certain to duplicate the main link of the top guiding menu in the footer navigation menu.

Site structure is a product of careful thinking, accurate organisation, and intentional design. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while optimising your site for the search engine. With the help of the best SEO agency Sydney, make your website most desirable and get yourself ranked at the top!