Secrets the Pros Use to Improve their Facebook Marketing Success

Did you know about 3 million businesses use Facebook for marketing? So, if you are running a business and wondering how to deal with your social media marketing in Perth, then this blog is exclusively for you.

When it comes to social media performance, there is no official playbook. Most of the businesses that get succeeded in their Facebook marketing strategies are by making educated guesses, experimenting optimisation changes, measuring it time to time again, and more. You should work on these processes to succeed in your marketing strategy. You should also observe what the most successful brands on Facebook are doing to improve their social media marketing strategy. But, keep in mind, what works for them may not always work for you! Monitor them thoroughly to make some educated guesses that boost the success rate of your Facebook marketing in Perth.

Here we’ve listed the most common traits followed by the leading Facebook business pages that are worth adding to your social media campaign.

Post Multiple Times a Day

The Facebook’s news feed algorithm resulted in a 20% drop in the overall engagement for the brands and publishers in 2017. Gaining the reach and engagement for the posts is one of the greatest challenges faced by business pages on Facebook. So, beat this engagement slump by posting on Facebook multiple times a day. Recent research reports reveal that the highest performing Facebook business pages posts 135 times a month on average.

If your Facebook page doesn’t have a million followers, experiment how frequently you post and measure the outcome. Posting a steady stream of content can build more leads. If you find that posting too often is diminishing your results, then tweak the strategy accordingly.

Know the Time and Day

Did you know Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to post on social media and the best time is between 1 to 3 pm? For leading brands, the user engagement is high on Fridays. Look into the engagement data from the big brands to check whether their posting strategies work for your business.

Provide a Service, Not Just Maintain a Presence

If your Facebook business page is not publishing any funny, entertaining, and informative content, people don’t visit your page to hang out. Most of the top-performing Facebook pages go above and beyond the necessary offerings to help their customers. Yes, they offer value to get rewarded.

Top-Performing Headlines

Can you guess what type of Facebook headlines gets the most clicks? The best-performing headlines use the phrase “will make you…” or some similar promise. For example, consider the following headline, “This Video Will Make You Laugh.” This headline promises some emotional reaction. These types of headline will double the engagement.

When you focus on creating compelling headlines, don’t skimp on the quality of the content. A study by BuzzSumo reveals that the recent Facebook newsfeed algorithm changes emphasise favour on the quality of the content. So, work smartly to provide your audiences with valuable posts that compel them to click.

Follow the above tactics to make a lasting impact on your audience and keep your engagement levels high. Contact the leading social media marketing consultant in Perth at