The Impact of Social Media Campaigns Have on Your Marketing

If you do not utilise social media to direct leads to your sales team, you are like an ice cream van selling ice cream outside a school on the weekend. Social media is where a great number of leads are and you are concentrating on where you found leads some time back.

Social media lead generation Perth research shows that the majority of people enjoy following their favourite brands and learning about them on social media. Pinterest shows the highest percentage of people following their favourite brands and having a preference in following brands over the following celebrities. The numbers of conversions as a result of social media channels like Facebook marketing Perth can only go up and here is the impact it will have on marketing.

You Benefit From the Domino Effect

Social media has created a web of connections and running a campaign on any of the popular platforms will result in your campaign reaching more than just your fans. The domino effect has been experienced by a number of businesses that have run social campaigns. The number of impressions a single picture can have is overwhelming for a well-structured campaign.

If you consider that the average person has about 200 friends, a campaign shared with 1000 of your social media fans, can be shared to 200,000 people simply by encouraging them to share the content. The effect can go on and on because the friends of fans may also share with more so the reach has a multiplier effect, increasing the business opportunity for conversions.

Easier and Quicker Implementation

The planning process is probably the longest time spent, but once you have identified the social media platform for the campaign and designed the content, setting up the campaign on social media will take just a few minutes. There are apps that can be used to make everything move like clockwork. Templates are available online for easier design of content, it is also possible to automate the management of part of the campaign on different platforms as well as the business website.

Naturally, the first campaign may have a few challenges but once you figure out how to get it started, it should be plain sailing thereafter. You will need to decide what to have on offers, like discounts, holiday specials, and sign-ups for newsletters or daily alerts. Keep in mind too, that everyone loves free things, so do not hesitate to reward your loyal followers with the occasional surprise gift.

The Leads Come to You

People, who are following your brand, are most likely attracted to your business already so you actually have as many leads as you have fans. Each fan is a potential lead without the sales team ever having to do called calling. The social media lead generation Perth will be happy with the occasional prizes and giveaways and they will help to spread the word about your business.

It is the campaigns you run on the different social media channels that most likely attracted the followers so they should be easier to convert eventually after a few campaigns.

The impact of your social media campaigns will depend on how you plan your campaign and what you have to offer. A number of businesses have registered an overwhelming response from their followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. There is no doubt that this has the potential to create conversions, so hire the best social media marketing consultant Perth to help you out.